“iTeen” Film Premiere – Saturday May 17th

iTeen Film Poster


Featuring short films by Schoolcraft Students, Alumni, Faculty and Metro Detroit Filmmakers. Red Carpet event begins at 7pm at Schoolcraft College, in the VisTaTech Center. Admission is free and open to the general public. 

Event Lineup
Premiere Short Films:
“Shadow of Death” by Melissa Kerley – CGT Student
“Hush -Divulgence of a Haunt” by Justin Slanec – CGT Alumni
“iTeen” by Jeremy Salo – CGT Faculty

2013 Schoolcraft Film Challenge Winners:
“Autobiography” by Team Flatline Films
“Prisim” by Team Blue Barracudas
“Nice Shirt” by Team Z and M Comics
“Father” by Team Toleco

CGT Student Show winning animations by: Melissa Stachulski, Wilson Suprapto, Eric Witt, Aaron Armstead and more.

Q&A with Filmmakers and networking opportunities


“Premonition” to screen at March 2014 Mitten Movie Project

3/4/14 Mitten Movie Project

PREMONITION [experimental/narrative] – SuperHouse Pictures (08:16) (Michigan) (2011) A sultry female detective breaks into a small crime ring with the help of a fated amulet. An experimental slow exposure camera technique meets classical noir sensibilities in this short thriller. Starring Lucy Konakciu and Lawrence J. Straughen. Directed by Shane Sevo and Greg Morrison.


Premonition – NFC 2011

[D]Movement 2

Dmovement 2
DMovement 2

Thursday, April 12th @ Schoolcraft College

Last year it was my good fortune to represent at this great conference about connecting people with opportunities in Detroit.

I gave a little tour of how facilitating a User Group for Web Developers kept me sane as a freelancer.

One of the things I love about Detroit is its openness to anyone that wants to get involved and be a part of shaping the region and its future.  I will be continuing my presentation from last year about the role of user groups in this process.

SemaFX Network

The convergence of arts and technology in Detroit often times finds its significance in opportunities to be with my people; web designers, filmmakers, entrepreneurs, and folks with anything that captures their imagination.  For me, the SEMAFX network is a special community.  I owe much of my sanity, knowledge, friendships, and opportunity to this group and its founder Scott Dunham… I will try to wrap it up in under 10 minutes! Continue reading [D]Movement 2

Be Challenged…

DWIFF Challenge 2012
DWIFF Challenge 2012

In its 5th year, the DWIFF Challenge is ready and willing to take entries for Detroit’s very own, home grown, film challenge.

Of course we are going to mix it up again this year with new elements and new challenges.  What will it be this year… an 8 track tape with your element on it… who knows, you will have to participate to find out!

Hit us up on Facebook and we will give you a coupon code for special early discounts…

Conducted as part of the Detroit Windsor International Film Challenge.

Premonition, NFC 2011

Premonition, NFC 2011Another year, another National Film Challenge.  Well, yes and no.  It is true that we successfully completed another entry into the  National Film Challenge, but I don’t think it was just another entry.  We had some great fun experimenting with all sorts of new techniques, toys, story ideas, talented friends, and some late model 60’s sports cars.

Thanks to everyone who participated in creating this years entry, “Premonition”, we made something unique.  All we know so far is that our entry was received… hopefully by mid December we will know if we are eligible for awards.  Last year’s entry of “Detour” was honored as an official selection for the top 15 and we are hopeful that this years will do just as well.

Premonition Light Pass Still
Premonition Light Pass Still

Check out some stills from the final film and some photos from behind the scenes on our Flickr account.

Schoolcraft Film Challenge

These film challenge competitions just keep multiplying, and why not… they are fun and a great way to learn how to make a short film.  Jeremy Salo of CLV Productions is a regular contributor on our annual film competitions and an instructor in computer graphics at Schoolcraft college.  He recently created a new competition for the school and they will be creating a new batch of short films this weekend.

Sunday  December 4  2011 at 7pm

Come out Sunday night and watch the final entries.  More details on the the Schoolcraft CGT website.

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